Private Instruction & Tours - Nick Fitzhardinge Photography

I offer outdoor photography instruction customized to you.

We can cover anything from complete beginner to advanced techniques at the location of your choosing. I can demonstrate and provide clear explanations of camera technique, composition, post processing and ways to use your creativity. This will be provided in a relaxed, informal go-at-your-pace manner (Offered anywhere in the Canadian Rockies).

Examples of what you can choose learn about:

- How to successfully photograph the night sky (star trails, milky way, aurora borealis, moonlight).

- How to take long exposures for creative effect (smooth waterfalls, streaking clouds, perfectly calm lakes).

- Compositional techniques used to create compelling photographs (using the human element, getting out of your comfort zone, the rules, and when to break them)

- Using a tripod and getting the sharpest images (using hyperfocal focusing, depth of field explained, focus stacking, and optimizing your images for the web).

- How to get out of auto mode (getting creatively correct exposures using Manual mode (M), aperture priority (AV), and shutter priority modes(TV)).

- When and how to use filters (polarizers, neutral density and graduated neutral density filters).

- Understanding and balancing color, contrast, and tonal values in post-processing.

......and much more, its your choice! We can work together to find out what will be of most benefit to you before meeting up.

Contact me for more details about rates, availability and further information.

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