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Here is where I keep any personal projects, studies or bodies of work that I am currently working on in my spare time.These projects may be brief or unending in nature and focus on telling a story through a cohesive set of photos. Check back often for updates!

* PROJECT COMMUTE (2015) - A documentation of my 60km commute to/from work Mon-Fri. This collection will be aimed at capturing the many moods and colours of Kalamalka Lake one of the most picturesque lakes in Canada, as well as anything else that catches my eye on the twice daily drive.

* THE TOMBSTONES (Fall 2015) - 10 day solo backpacking trip in the Yukon backcountry.

* NATURAL PORTRAIT WORK (Ongoing) - A side project to capture portraits in natural settings.

* THE EASTERN ARTHUR TRAVERSE (2018) - 10 day full traverse (in Scotts Peak dam and out Farmhouse Creek)

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